Our History

Ours is a success story that had a humble beginning starting as a small scale family business that over the period of time had venture into an Establishment, thriving on the lively, lovely country of Sri Lanka where the pure passion, perseverance, hard work and visionary of being the best are the core value and principle up on which the business has grown. At every step the quality of the products manufactured brining the best to the consumers has been the motivation to thrive and establish. Besides following the global standards and trend, our vision to embrace the emerging technology early on has been the secret to stand tall in the industry having earned many loyal customers.

The Chairman of Colombo Textiles Group of Companies (PVT) LTD Mr R P S Samarakkody had his inspiration and
passion to own and run an Apparel has been the forethought and fore-start of the venture, spinning the innovative ideas and brining the exposure and experience he had gained over the years has help turn the small scale business into an enterprise. Coming from rural Sri Lanka, Kurunegala he moved into Colombo with his young family and footed firmly to build his dream empire. Over the years with the support of his family and friends he grew his business steadily with a renowned client base and partners. His desire to produce a superior quality Shirting to the population has earned a name and recognition in the industry. 


Thrive to provide globally apprehended standard, locally embracing emerging technology that fits every customer and their daily budget with trend setting design and style.


- Manufacture world-class apparels that excel in quality and durability sustaining an edge over the market leaders and competitors with value for money.

- Empower the industry by providing streamline of products that are produced by a highly motivated and perceived team of staff who are bent on providing the best.

- To grow a business that is ethical, efficient and socially responsible to meet the highest integrity and trust of our valued customers..


Board of Directors


About Colombo Textiles Group of Companies (PVT) LTD.

Colombo Textiles Group of Companies (PVT) LTD has been striding in the Apparel manufacturing Industry of Sri Lanka for the past 25 years with pride and success. They are predominantly own one of the largest Shirts manufacturing and distribution business, gaining reputation for trustworthiness and quality products that comes out in trendy colors and designs to suit every occasion. The product ranges from casual, corporate to evening as well as linen collections that falls into Fit as in Smart fit, Slim fit or Regular fit that sure to have one fit that will fit your everyday needs. Primarily the texture of textile to cut and stich to perfection has earned them a stream of regular clients and a solid customer base. Each apparel is made with the finest choice of fabrics and quality accessories brought down from India and China with pure craftsmanship.

Over the years, Colombo Textiles Group of Companies (PVT) LTD has established over 400 partner retailers across the country and the number is growing steadily. Commencing their business as a family owned clothing boutique, they have grown in every dimension and risen to the top as market leaders with dedication, inspiration and hard work. Today the enterprise hold around 20 dedicated full time staff and around 300 flexi timing staff who contribute to the steady growth of the business.

Our Partner Sellers